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The cellar

Our cellar is located in the heart of the town of Blaye in Gironde (France) in walking distance from the market place, the Citadelle, and the ferry coming from the Medoc region.

Since 2018 we have been making our red wine here in the “integral method” which involves:

  • Hand picking the grapes with baskets (to avoid any damage to the grapes before they reach the cellar)
  • Destemming the grapes and squashing them gently in the cellar before they go into 500l tanks for the fermentation
  • Long fermentation on the skins without adding extra yeasts
  • Turning of the tanks to extract flavors, color and tannins gently and respectfully
  • Artisanal pressing of the skins after the alcoholic fermentation and maceration
  • Aging in French oak barrels for 12 months
  • Adding just the minimal amounts of sulfur to protect the wine during aging (no other products added)
  • Respecting the lunar cycles for any activities in the cellar

For the whites, we also handpick the grapes with baskets and press the grapes with an artisanal press once they have been brought to the cellar. The fermentation takes place in one year-old barrels from a famous sweet wine producer in Sauterne with gives the wine a beautiful buttery and slightly sweet flavour.

For all activities in the field and in the cellar we respect and merely assist nature in making a good wine.

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