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étalon rouge

The red

The grapes are harvested by hand, sorted to obtain a perfect sanitary condition and put in small crates, to avoid them crushing when being transferred to the wine making facilities in Blaye. The grapes are then de-stemmed, crushed and put into 500 liter barrels made of French oak where they ferment with the help of their own natural yeasts. During this process they go through the malo-lactic fermentation and macerate for an extensive time extracting a complement of richness, creaminess and balance, which is contained in the skins. After pressing, the juice gets filled into French oak barrels for aging. The bottling will be dependent on the lunar phases and the vintage, under the permanent and attentive control of the “Maître du chai”.

Tasting notes

Etalon rouge red wine is made with 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and is aged for 12 months in French oak. After a velvety first impression, we discover fruity aromas of very well ripened red fruits with subtle mineral emanation and beautiful smoky aromas typical of great cabernet. The persistent finale, reveals an honest wine, which turns out to be the perfect expression of its characteristic “terroir”.

Etalon Rouge pairs well with beef, lamb, spicy food, poultry, and cheese.

Good to drink after 3-4 years, it can, however, be laid down for at least another 15-20 years and still improve.


4.000-5.000 bottles (300-400 cases) depending on the vintage.

étalon rouge

The white

The white grapes are hand-harvested when mature, allowing for an optimum acidity, sufficient to keep a good freshness. After sorting the grapes they are placed into crates, and once in the cool cellar, before being pressed they remain for a few hours for the process of the pellicular maceration. Then the juice is decanted and finally filled into French oak barrels, where the slow fermentation creates an interesting complexity. This process is completed by appropriate stirring during the fermentation and aging on the lees. Bottling of the whites takes place before the summer heat sets in.

Tasting notes

The whites have a yellow slightly golden color, limpid, with a discreet bouquet. Full-bodied, bold, fresh, complex and with a pleasant touch of vanilla and lemon, the finish is on more mineral notes and with a great potential for evolution. Beautiful “Haute Couture” wine.


700 to 900 bottles (60-75 cases) depending on the vintage


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